Innovative Cleaning Products
It Works WC Magic WC Magic Cleaning Foam

Check out a brand new innovation in sparkling toilet bowls. No hands, no mess and powered by the natural cleaning power of natural lemon-derived lime-scale remover!

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It Works 35 Piece Cleaning Block Set 35 Piece Cleaning Block Set

Enjoy these amazing "magic blocks" that will make life so easy for about 50% less per unit cost than regular retail.  Activated by tap water only - these special melamine blocks will "erase" all dirt and grime.  It is like magic! 

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It Works Multi Stain Remover Multi Stain Remover

Imagine having 25 stain removers in one tube. Welcome to IT WORKS! Laundry whitening, pesky clothing stains, grubby whites  and all carpet/upholstery messes are no match for this powerful "Made in Germany" staple for every household.

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Cleaning Products in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Purchase high-quality cleaning products, including double sided cleaning cloths for streak-free and chemical free mirror and glass cleaning, water-activated melamine cleaning blocks (just like our friendly bald-headed friend), multi-stain removers, powerful toilet foaming bubbles, sponges, mops and many more from our company in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. It Works! Innovative Cleaning Products is a cleaning product company dedicated to providing the world with the most effective and unique cleaning products currently available.

The Right Way to Clean

Make your life easier when it comes to cleaning up around your home or office with the help of our cleaning products. Many of our products are chemical free and just require tap water to activate. That means you can easily and safely solve all of those vexing dirt, grime, and grease problems around your home. Each one of our cleaning products is thoroughly tested before arriving to your home to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The Very Best in Cleaning Products:

It Works!

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