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It Works! Super-size 35pc Water Activated Reusable Cleaning Blocks

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It Works! Super-size 35pc Water Activated Reusable Cleaning Blocks

Goodbye dirt and grime! Hello clean! This 35-piece set is a must-have for your busy household. Crafted of melamine material, these water-activated blocks help remove a variety of stains--from ink and crayons to grease. A fantastic solution for walls, floors, doors, bathrooms and kitchens. From It Works!

  • Includes 35 water-activated cleaning blocks
  • Each block can be used multiple times
  • Each measures 4-5/8"W x 2-1/2"L x .75"H
  • Made in Germany


It works cuts through virtually any mess on any surface. No need to buy expensive cleaning fluids, simply add water and activate to eliminate.

These environmentally friendly cleaning blocks are the perfect cleaning solution:
Powers through the toughest grease and grime, leaving surfaces sparkling like new It works cleaning blocks are chemical free. Saving you money on expensive cleaning fluid and saving the environment too.

Fantastic results without using harsh and abrasive chemicals.

When It works is immersed in water it stimulates millions of melamine fibres absorb and hold dirt leaving your floors and surfaces gleaming time after time.

Can be used all over the house in the kitchen on sinks, work tops, oven doors and white goods. In the bathroom to banish dirt from bathroom grouting and tiles. It will even cut through soap scum – amazing!

It Works leaves no greasy or sticky residue. Use it to remove marks on leather – from car interiors to handbags and even shoes. Bring the sparkle back to alloy wheels and remove rubber scuff marks on bumpers.

It works cuts through virtually any mess on any surface.

These versatile blocks can be cut into whatever size you need – so the cleaning possibilities are practically endless.

Remove grime from computer keyboards and work stations, eradicate scuff marks on laminate and even permanent marker and crayon from floor tiles.

Chemical free, non toxic formula means it’s safe for the whole family to use. Unlike conventional cleaners, it’s the instant cleaning solution you’ve been searching for.

Clean without Chemicals

  • Great for detergent-sensitive skin-types
  • Save time, save money, save effort and save the environment with It works the revolutionary cleaning blocks that will change the way you clean forever.
  • Add water and activate to eliminate the easy way to power through grease and grime.

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Overseas Ordering Information

HOW TO ORDER IN THE USA: OR 1-888-345-5788 Item Number V26253 38 pc Supersize Set

HOW TO ORDER IN THE UK: OR 0 800 51 41 31 Item Number 800513 20 pc set and 802594 18 pc Pick Size set

HOW TO ORDER IN ITALY: OR 840 88 44 00 Item Number 500023 20 pc set and 500135 26 pc Shaminator Set

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