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Frequently Asked Questions

It Works! WC Magic Foaming Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The Foam Does Not Rise Up High Enough
  • The faster you throw the powder into the toilet the faster it rises. Hold the measuring cup over the toilet and flip it over so the powder hits the water at high speed and all at the same time. NOTE: DO NOT TRICKLE THE POWDER INTO THE WATER
  • Use hot water in the toilet before using the powder
  • Add more powder if the toilet is particularly large, or if you have hard water
The Foam has dried up around the rim and inside the toilet and has left dry blue flakes
  • Get to the "flush earlier"
  • Flush several times until the flakes dissolve and flush away
  • Use a toilet brush to remove the residue
The powder inside the pail is hard and difficult to scoop out
  • Make sure once you have “scooped” out some powder - close the lid tightly
  • Do not get any moisture or water into the pail
The Blue Foam has dribbled onto my tile and left spots
  • Dampen a cloth with tap water and gently remove.
It does not work. My toilet is still dirty.
  • It Works ! WC Magic is a maintenance product. It will not get rid of heavily soiled materials inside the toilet. We suggest doing a final “scrub clean” with a brush and then using WC Magic to maintain your toilet on a weekly basis. WC MAGIC works best on lightly soiled toilets, light scum and light lime scale.