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It Works! McDirt Slurper

Available in the UK only

It Works! McDirt Slurper

It Works McDirt Slurper with three additional McDirt Slurper Sleeves. Simply slip this universal soft neoprene sleeve over the top of your vacuum cleaner nozzle and remove dirt and dust from a range of surfaces without causing any damage. Perfect for capturing dirt, dust and pet hair from every surface including clothing, furniture, upholstery and electronics, you'll whizz through the cleaning in seconds. Works with every brand of vacuum cleaner.

  • Additional pack of three McDirt Slurper sleeves included
  • Sleeves are machine washable at 30C
  • Sleeve: 25cm x 4.9cm x 4.9cm (9.8" x 1.9" x 1.9")
  • Weight: 76.8g

McDirt Slurper Instructions

  1. Installation
    1. Hold the nozzle and sleeve as illustrated below (pic. 1) and pull the sleeve down (pic. 2) until in position (pic. 3).
    2. Align cut-outs in sleeve with cut-outs in nozzle by holding up to the light and moving into position (pic. 4).
  2. Operation
    1. Attach the McDirt Slurper to the end of your vacuum pipe, if your pipe is too small use the rubber ring supplied in order to create a better fit. If there is no need for the rubber ring please recycle it.
    2. To clean blinds, tilt the blinds downwards to create a gap for the McDirt Slurper nozzle to fit. Switch on the vacuum and clean with a downward/sideways stroke (pic 5).
    3. Use the McDirt Slurper on suits, keyboards and more by rubbing the McDirt Slurper over the item (pic. 6 & 7).
  3. Replacing sleeves
    1. Hold the nozzle and sleeve as illustrated below (pic. 8) and pull the sleeve off (pic. 9 & 10).
    2. Repeat step 1.1
  4. Cleaning sleeves
    1. McDirt Slurper sleeves are hand or machine washable at 30°c. / 86°

Overseas Ordering Information

HOW TO ORDER IN THE UK: OR 0 800 51 41 31 Item Number 801955

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