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It Works! WC Magic Cleaning Foam

It Works! WC Magic Cleaning Foam

It Works WC Magic features a revolutionary powder that turns into a powerful cleaning foam when water is added, allowing you to clean your toilet without getting your hands wet.

Ensure maximum cleanliness and amazing results with this quick and easy solution from It Works. Three easy steps: Add hot water to your toilet bowl, drop a full scoop of powder (use scoop provided) into the toilet with force (do not dribble in) and flush once foam dissipates.


  • 1 x It Works WC Magic (1kg)
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Instructions on side of tub


A single scoop into the toilet of WC MAGIC will create a head of foam that will scour and clean your toilet using the power of oxygenated bubbles. Eliminates and cleans the build-up of slime, scum, and light lime scale from the toilet bowl interior surface. It even gets under the rim and cleans. Clinical studies reveal that Each tub allows for 12 - 18 uses and best of all - your hands never touch the inside of the toilet. Simply flush once the foam dissipates and the job is done! The product is made in Germany and offers fast, effective results. HINT: For even faster results - add a jug of boiling water to the toilet first. WC Magic kills 97.47% of Escherichia Coli and 99.91% of Staphylococcis Aureus in your toilet.


Contents: 1 KG tub with scoop inside + instructions on label.

Overseas Ordering Information

HOW TO ORDER IN THE USA: OR 1-888-345-5788 Item Number V32269

HOW TO ORDER IN THE UK: OR 0 800 51 41 31 Item Number 833543

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